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Sign in Chinatown
Bird handler in London
Ambrose Godfrey plaque
Local map
Tower of London prices
Chemist late night opening
Antique phones
London pub food sign
Horse rider button
Building site screen
London secret garden
Tussauds prices poster
Elfin oak
Lamppost art
Antique shops in London
Sherlock Holmes house
London hotel prices
Afternoon teas
Soho's secret
Full English breakfast sign
London street musicians
London pedestrian sign
Restaurant award
Yellow gate
Theatre tickets booth
London illegal gambling
Oyster card instructions
London cycle hire prices
Minicab airport fares
London free newspapers
Coffee bar sign
Strutton Ground market in London
Welcome in many languages
99 ice cream cone
Bespoke ice-creams
Strawberry treats
Musical tickets
Free organ recital