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New Burlington Street Savile Row tailors Savile Row tailors Vigo Street
Italian food and wine in calm, comfortable surroundings.
(020) 7534 7000
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Welsh & Jefferies
Lesley & Roberts
Bespoke tailors

Chester Barrie
Classic, English, hand tailored
(020) 7439 6079
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Maurice Sedwell
Tailoring services for both gentlemen and ladies.
' The pinnacle of sartorial elegance'
(020) 7734 0824
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Norton & Sons
Bespoke and made to measure services.
(020) 7437 0829
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Henry Poole & Co
Classic 'English style' with fabrics from Yorkshire and Scotland.
(020) 7734 5985
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Hardy Amies
'The home of
British couture'
(020) 7734 2436
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Richard Anderson
Full bespoke tailoring service for gentlemen and ladies
(020) 7734 0001
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Made to measure, ready to wear and cloth sold by the metre.
'Quality, innovation, creativity and personalised service'
.(020) 7734 8963
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Bespoke tailoring for gentlemen.
(020) 7734 7441
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Dege & Skinner
Privately owned since 1865
'Hand-made clothes for discerning individuals'
(020) 7287 2941
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Alexander McQueen
(020) 7494 8840
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Hardy Amies Store
'Embraces every aspect of modern city living'
(020) 3696 1408
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sard House
Bespoke tailoring, special make tailoring,
ready to wear collection, equestrian
clothing, bespoke shirts
(020) 7734 6905
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Abercrombie Kids
All-American fashions for boys and girls
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Menswear and accessories
(020) 7439 8444
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Star Buy
Gieves & Hawkes
Bespoke tailoring
'Standards and skills that have made Gieves tailoring world famous'
(020) 7434 2001
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Savile Row for Sartoria, Dege & Skinner, Kilgour, Henry Poole, Maurice Sedwell. All the tailoring shops along Savile Row in London

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