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Portobello Road Golborne Road shops Golborne Road shops
Ally Capellino
Leather bags, belts and accessories
(020) 8964 1022
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Emma Goldman
Vintage clothing
Choice Newsagents
Cash and carry wholesale
108 Garage
'Food to die for or share if you must'
(020) 8969 3769
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Golborne Pharmacy
Health and grooming products
(020) 8969 8741
Found and Vision
Vintage clothing
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Golborne Bistro
All-day dining
(020) 8969 6907
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Golborne Deli
'We are your local espresso bar and deli'
(020) 8969 6907
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= E.Price and Sons
Grocer and delicatessen
Le Maroc
Halal meat and deli
(020) 8968 9783
Vintage clothing and accessories
88 Antiques
Antique furniture
(020) 8960 0827
Kokon To Zai
Clothes to interiors. Unusual pieces sourced from around the world
(020) 8960 3736
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Star Buy
Cash and Carry
Wholesale groceries
(020) 8969 9649
Bazar Furniture
Antiques and reclaimed furniture
(020) 8969 6262
Arbon Interiors
Reclaimed and new fireplaces. Marble, stone and wood surrounds. Gates and garden furniture
(020) 8960 9787

Golborne Cafe
Cafe and sandwich bar
(020) 8690 2979
First Travel Services
Travel agents
Specialists in travel to North Africa
(020) 8969 7979
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Golborne Road shops: Arbon Interiors, 108 Garage, Bazar Furniture, Kokon to Zai

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