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> The British Museum was first public, national museum in the world housing one of the greatest collections of human cultural history.

> The pediment above the main entrance of the museum depicts the progress of civilization. Go straight through into the courtyard which is now covered with its spectacular modern roof. Floor plans of the museum are available at the information desk.
British Museum in London
> The famous circular reading room in the centre is still open for the public to use. Karl Marx, Gandhi, Lenin, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling and George Bernard Shaw all came here to do their work. The blue, cream and gold room is topped with a vast copper dome.

> The famous Rosetta stone, the key to deciphering Egyptian heiroglyphs, can be seen in room 4

> In room 10 there is the 16 ton, winged bull from Iraq.

> A Moai, Easter Island statue is in room 24

> The table-top galleon from Germany, with sailors hammering the time on bells, is in room 44

> The skull of the smoking mirror from Mexico is in room 27

> A wool dress from North America, decorated in elk teeth, is in room 26

> The marble frieze from the Parthenon is in room 18

> Koko, the double-headed dog from the Congo is in room 25

> The British Museum website can be seen here.

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