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Coventry Street Wardour Street shops and restaurants Rupert Court Wardour Street shops and restaurants Shaftesbury Avenue
Shake Shack
Burgers, hot dogs, milk shakes
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138 .com
Slot machines
Vegan and vegetarian restaurant
'Delicious nutrition uniting everyone'
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Chinese medicine
Acupuncture, herbal remedies and massage
Chinese cakes, pastries and desserts
Japanese restaurant
(020) 7734 0808
Waxy O'Connors
Orient London
Chinese restaurant
Private room available for up to 120 guests
(020) 7989 8880
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Hot Pot
Meat, fish and vegetable broths
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Old Town 97
Chinese restaurant
Take away available
Fully licensed
Cafe TPT
Chinese restaurant
Eat in or take-aways
Four Seasons
Chinese restaurant
(020) 7287 9995

Easy Health
Chinese remedies, acupuncture, massage, herbs
Chinese restaurant
Seating upstairs
Air conditioned.
Fully licensed
(020) 7287 6578
Pizza Express
Pizza restaurant
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Convenience store
Irish bar
Late opening
(020) 7494 9284
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Betting office
= Wong Kei
Chinese restaurant
(020) 7437 8408

* [P] Leon
'Naturally fast food'
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Chinatown restaurants: Wong Kei, Four Seasons, Oriental, Hungs, Misato

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