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Market Hall downstairs (southside)

Covent Garden Market Hall downstairs shops Covent Garden Market Hall downstairs shops
Way up to ground floor shops
Tea and cupcakes
'Baking hapiness'
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Vini Italiani
wine bar
Italian coffee, cheese and cold cuts
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New cafe opening here
Sass and Belle
Gift shop
'For the little things in life'
(020) 7497 2992
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Chez Antoinette
Toasted organic bread topped with a variety of ingredients
(020) 7240 9072
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Up to ground floor shops
Creme de le Crepe
Crepes with wide choice of sweet or savoury fillings
(020) 7836 6896

Covent Garden Market shops: Vini Italiani, Sass and Belle, Sweetheart. Downstairs in the Covent Garden Market hall is where opera singers perform.

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