All the shops on the streets are shown with a simple colour code.


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London shopping maps

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Clothes (all)

Clothes (women)

Clothes (men)


Shoes (all)  

Shoes (women)

Shoes (men)   

Map icon for Clothing
Map icon for Clothing for Women
Map icon for Clothing for Men
Map icon for Sportswear
Map icon for Shoes for all
Map icon for Shoes for Men
Map icon for Shoes for Women

Department Store


Cafe / Fast food


Pub / Bar / Club

Health / Beauty

Bank / Exchange

Grocer / Food / Drink

Map icon for Department Store
Map icon for Bank
Map icon for Restaurant
Map icon for Take-away Food
Map icon for Pub or Bar

Living / Lifestyle

Jewellery / Watches

Bags / Accessories

Phones / Tech

Children's things

Art / Antiques

Agency / Service

Culture / Venue

Map icon for Jewellery
Map icon for Lifestyle items
Map icon for Culture or Venue
Map icon for Art and Antiques
Map icon for Children's things
Map icon for Phones or Technology

This is the key:

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Updated: January 2019

Map icon for Bags and Accessories
Map icon for Agency or Service
Map icon for Grocer
Map icon for Cafe
Example of London shopping map

'Bare Essentials' map for  first time visitors

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Market plans

Additional shopping maps

Shopping highlights by area

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