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Arriving at St. Pancras International Station on the Eurostar...

Your Eurostar train from Europe will arrive at one of the long platforms inside the original iron and glass engine shed at St. Pancras International station.

At the end of the platform, you take the escalators or lift down to the lower level.
Once through the ticket gates you will arrive at a small area for meeting and greeting, as well as cafes, shops and toilets.

If you want a taxi, go RIGHT and follow the signs out of the station onto Midland Road.

If you want to continue your journey by Underground, go LEFT for the ticket hall and for Underground trains from King's Cross / St Pancras to all parts of London.
Bienvenue a London Underground!
The ticket hall is at a lower level.

Oxford Circus is just three stops from here on the Victoria Line.

There are five Underground lines serving King's Cross / St Pancras so it's easy to reach all parts of London from here
If you prefer to take the bus to the West End, leave St. Pancras International station and cross over the busy main road to the bus-stop opposite.
While you wait for the bus you can enjoy the Gothic architecture of the St Pancras Hotel which was opened in 1873 to cater for visitors arriving in London by the new railway.

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