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A great way to see the sights of London is from the top deck of a red bus.

Using this free download, you only need to pay the normal cost of a bus ride to see the sights.

Our route is taken by the number 23 bus, going east-west between Paddington and the City.

Download your FREE sightseeing tour by using the StreetSensation password that comes with the latest StreetSensation shopping Guide or Maps .

Click here to download the No.23 Bus Tour

The bus trip can be made in about an hour, passing all the sights on the route. If you are short of time, just sit back and enjoy the view. Or you can make a day of it, and jump on and off the bus to explore further.

The download is 7 page, A4 size, pdf format

Preview the sights along No.15 bus route
Preview the sights along No.19 bus route

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