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Southampton Street (westside)...Link to the shopping directory page

Strand Southampton Street shops and restaurants Maiden Lane Southampton Street shops and restaurants Covent Garden Piazza
Korean restaurant
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Sushi and bento
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Coffee bar
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The Frog
by Adam Handling
'Technical savvy with the
best possible produce and
a lightly theatrical touch'
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Honest Burgers
'Inspired by great British produce'
(020) 7229 4978
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The North Face
Premium outdoor clothing
and equipment
(020) 7240 9577
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. . . 38 . 34 - 35 33 30 - 32
Caffe Nero
The Italian coffee company
(020) 7240 3433
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William Hill
Betting shop
Coffee house
and kitchen
'Australian meets
South American'
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The Ivy Market Grill
'Drop in throughout the day for good food
and delicious cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere'
(020) 3301 0200
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29 . 27 25 .

Southampton Street shops, Covent Garden: The North Face, Frog Restaurant, Honest Burgers

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