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Greek Street (westside)...Link to the shopping directory page

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Genting Casino
Gaming club
Phone repair and customisation

Viet Pho
Noodle bar
(020) 7494 9888
Traditional Chinese cuisine from the Northern provinces of China
(020) 7734 2721
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. 33 . 34 35 - 36
Kettner's Townhouse
Champagne bar,
restaurant and guesthouse
(Entrance in Romilly Street)
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Cafe Boheme
Traditional French café
Food and drink available
throughout the day
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. . .
Gaza Cafe
'Made in Korea'

Ground floor restaurant and, more intimate, first floor dining room
(020) 7439 7474
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Club 49
Lounge bar and basement club
'Sophistication with a smile'
(020) 7439 4159
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Union Club
Members only
(020) 7437 4002
Lina Stores
Italian restaurant
'All our pasta is handmade every day, just as it has been since 1944'
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Zegerman clothing boutique
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. 47 48 49 50 51 52
'Modern and friendly bar that welcomes everyone.
For a quick drink after work or a full-on night of hard partying'
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Chin Chin
Nitro ice cream
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Italian gelato, freshly made

Kokon to Zai
KTZ fashions
'Raw energy'
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Star Buy
Banking services
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53 54 55 56 57 58 59 .

Greek Street, Soho: L'Escargot, Soho House, Kokon to Zai, Thirst Bar, Yming

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