Happy ShopperSoho and Chinatown

With all the bars and restaurants, Soho attracts a capacity crowd after work and especially on Friday and Saturday nights. During the day Soho is more about coffee bars and cafes rather than the sex shops for which the area was once known. Old Compton Street is Soho's 'High Street' and also London's most prominent gay area. The area near Leicester Square is London's Chinatown.

The best tube stations for Soho are Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus

The printed Guide is available here or maps can be downloaded here

Brewer Street... northside | southside
Berwick Street ... westside | eastside
Charing Cross Road ... westside | eastside
Dean Street ...westside | eastside
Denmark Street ... northside | southside
Frith Street ... westside | eastside
Greek Street ...westside | eastside
Old Compton Street ... northside | southside
Rupert Street ... westside | eastside
Shaftesbury Avenue ... northside | southside
Shaftesbury Avenue ... northside | southside
Wardour Street ... westside | eastside

Gerrard Street ... northside | southside
Leicester Square ... northside | eastside
Leicester Square ... southside | westside
Lisle Street ... northside
Newport Place ... westside
Rupert Street ... westside | eastside
Irving Street ... northside | southside
Wardour Street ... westside | eastside

Shoppers on Old Compton Street in London's Soho

Shoppers on Frith Street in Soho in London's West End

Restaurants bars and theatres in London's Soho

Shoppers on Lisle Street in London's Chinatown

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