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Blenheim Crescent (southside)
Portobello Road Blenheim Crescent shops Kensington Park Road
Hot news! Step2wo
Children's shoes
(020) 7243 0535

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Love Hate Social Club
Tattoo and merchandise studio
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Fresh ramen dishes
(020) 7221 8300
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American Dry Cleaning Company
Laundry service, hand-finished dry cleaning, alterations and repairs
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The Notting Hill Bookshop
Ordering service available
(020) 7229 5260
Hot news! Akesson's
Single plantation chocolate and exotic foods
(020) 7792 0753
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Ice-cream, shakes and frozen yoghurt
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Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill: Spice Shop, Akessons, Tonkotsu, Step2

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