Happy ShopperThe London Eye

The London Eye on London's South Bank
> The wheel of the London Eye turns once every 30 minutes, which is slow enough to allow passengers to get on and off the boarding platform (1) without it stopping.

> On a clear day the highest point on the ride (2) gives views of about 25 miles /40km in all directions.

> The capsules (3) do not hang like the gondolas of the old type of big wheel, but rotate in mounting rings outside the wheel rim to give passengers the best unobstructed views.
> The hub of the wheel (4) sits on top of the A-frame legs (5) and the forces are taken by 6 steel cables attached to a 1200 tonne block of concrete in the ground. The hub and spindle castings were made by Skoda Steel.

> The London Eye was manufactured in under 16 months by teams from five countries. The assembled wheel was hoisted from barges on the river into vertical position in a single operation.

> The London Eye website can be seen here.

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