The National Gallery in London

> The original entrance to the National Gallery is up the steps to the central  portico (1). The newer Getty entrance (2) is step-free and is also a useful short-cut to the gallery shop and cafe.

> The Sainsbury wing has its own  entrance (3) and is connected to the main building via the circular bridge (4)  The oldest, mostly religious paintings in the collection (Early Renaissance) are in the Sainsbury wing, along with temporary exhibitions.

> Well-known paintings in the National Gallery by Dutch artists include The Ambassadors (Holbein), The Arnolfini Portrait (van Eyck),  and from the 20th century, Sunflowers (van Gogh).

> Well-known paintings by English artists include The Haywain (Constable) and Whistlejacket (Stubbs).

> When the gallery was first planned, Trafalgar Square was chosen as the best location as it would be as easy to reach for the poor, coming on foot from the East end of London, as it would be for the wealthy, coming from the West of London by coach.

> The National Gallery website can be seen here.

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The National Gallery