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The National Thaetre in London
> The Royal National Theatre is in fact three theatres in one building - The Olivier, The Lyttelton and The Dorfman.

> At night the concrete fly towers (1) are colourfully lit up or (2) used as a screen for projected images. The space inside the tower is for the lighting and scenery above the theatre stage.

> The moving sign (3) gives details of current or future productions, visible from Waterloo Bridge and the embankment on the other side of the river.

> The main entrance to the National Theatre (4) is at the plaza (Theatre Square) where free outdoor entertainment can be seen during the summer months.

> The terraces (5) with superb riverside views are accessible from the The Olivier theatre. The Olivier is the largest of the three theatres with an open stage and seating for over a thousand people.

> The National Theatre website can be
found here

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