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Gerrard Street (northside)

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Amusements and pool tables
Chinese restaurant
Fully licensed
(020) 7437 1694
Chinese cake shop
(020) 7437 1694
Plum Valley
Chinese restaurant
(020) 7494 4366
Le Salon
Hair salon

Hot news! HSBC
Banking services
more info
Dumplings' Legend
Chinese restaurant
'Merging the familiar comfort food of London's Chinatown with the culinary heritage of regional oriental cuisine'
(020) 7494 1200
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Golden Pagoda
Chinese restaurant

Oriental Delight
General store
Far East Restaurant
Freshly prepared Chinese dishes
(020) 7437 6148
Four Seasons
Chinese restaurant
Roast duck specialists
Fully licensed and air conditioned
(020) 7494 0870

Shu Xiangge
Chinese hotpot restaurant
New Loon Moon
Chinese supermarket
Peking and cantonese cuisine
Roast duck specialist
(020) 7434 3838
more info
Chinese restaurant
(020) 7434 1888
Feng Shui Inn
'A very friendly and good food Chinese restaurant'
Functions for 60+ people available on request
(020) 7734 6778
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'Good tea, good time'
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Wan Chai Corner
Chinese restaurant
(020) 7434 1188

Gerrard Street in London's Chinatown: Chinese restaurants: Golden Pagoda, Kowloon, Feng Shui Inn

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