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The printed guide...

These are the same street maps that we use to keep the website right up-to-date. They show all the shops etc with a simple colour-code so you can see where everything is, quickly and easily.

A ''Street Sensation'' booklet to use when you go shopping in London.

8 page print-out of the highlights in each area. You may be surprised at how interesting some of these shops are, even if you aren't shopping!

Our map showing 20 markets within easy reach of the centre.

Guest password to access the extra pages on the website.

"Invaluable when I visit London"


Please pay using PayPal. The Guide costs £6 plus shipping.

UK orders will be sent first class post. Airmail to Western Europe takes about 3 days, and outside Europe 5 days.

"Worth having for Oxford Street alone"

"I shall recommend it to my friends"

Also included with your Guide:

Note 1: Running late? We can deliver your Guide to your accommodation address in London. Once you have placed your order, just email us the name of the hotel and date you arrive.

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There are 40 pages in the Guide showing what's on offer in these 12 shopping areas of London.

A-Z category listings of all the shops (plus a brief description) are on the left-hand page, opposite the maps on the right.

to Portobello


Oxford Street

Regent Street


Covent Garden


Bond Street


to Kensington

Fulham Road

King's Road

Shopping areas

Street Sensation logo

Clothes (all)

Clothes (women)

Clothes (men)


Shoes (all)  

Shoes (women)

Shoes (men)   

Department store

Bank / Exchange

Health / Beauty  


Cafe / Snacks  

Pub / Bar / Club     

Jewellery / Watches

Home / Lifestyle / Other

Music / Books / Leisure

Art / Antiques

Children's things

Phones / Technology


Here is the key to all the maps: